We fund startups with the potential to disrupt the future of healthcare.

Based in Atlanta, Catalyst by Wellstar provides capital to startups that are improving the healthcare ecosystem. We recognize not all healthcare problems are solved by healthcare solutions. We empower breakthrough ideas from across industries.

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How we make selections.

How we make selections.

Catalyst invests in pre-seed, seed, and series A startups. Priority is given to startups with strategic value to Wellstar.

Our diversified, mission-aligned approach includes allocation of funds based on return-on-investment, community need, and organizational strategic value.

Let's create better care.

In addition to capital, you'll receive access to Catalyst Lab which is connected to one of the largest health ecosystems in the Southeast, caring for 1 in every 5 Georgians (over 1.6M patients a year).

We're closest to patients, making us an ideal partner to help fund and support your solution.

Let's create both market value and better care.

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