LifeFlow Device Helps Save Lives

When minutes count, 410 Medical’s LifeFlow rapid infuser device helps save the lives of critically ill patients suffering from life-threatening bleeding (hemorrhagic shock). Wellstar’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is among the 20 EMS and 150 hospitals nationwide that use this technology.

“Patients arrive to the hospital in conditions that place them 2-4 hours ahead in terms of a care timeline because EMS is able to administer 1-3 bags of fluid while en route,” said Matt Perry, director, Emergency Medical Services, Wellstar Health System.

“In the Emergency Department, the ICU, the Operating Room, the ambulance or anywhere it’s needed, LifeFlow was designed to help medical providers more quickly and effectively resuscitate critically ill patients. LifeFlow has been used over 20,000 times across more than 170 hospitals and EMS/Fire agencies, and we are excited to expand our partnership with Wellstar in a way that allows us to positively impact more patients in Georgia and around the U.S.,” said Kyle Chenet, founder and CEO of 410 Medical.

Teresa Gonzalez
by Teresa Gonzalez