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Based in Atlanta, Catalyst by Wellstar provides capital to startups that are improving the healthcare ecosystem. We recognize not all healthcare problems are solved by healthcare solutions. That’s why we seek out and support breakthrough ideas from across industries, investing in pre-seed, seed, and series A startups.

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Catalyst invests in pre-seed, seed, and series A startups. Priority is given to startups with strategic value to Wellstar.

Strategic focus areas

We’ve identified six key areas of focus to help us best impact the future of care.

Care of Tomorrow

Enabling well-being and sick care integration through health accessibility, such as inventive digital health methods, using wearables for early detection to increase wellness

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Customer Experience

Relieving your dread of the doctor with patient-centric care tailored along your health journey that provides empathic connection across digital and physical environments

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Data and Security

Equipping you with your own health data secured through leading edge technologies and providing breakthroughs with real world data reporting

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Future of Work

Empowering team members to feel support and belonging and be the best version of themselves whether providing care in-person or remotely

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Lessening our negative environmental impacts to create a healthy Earth for future generations with investments in farming and nutrition, renewable energy, and sustainable value chains

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Supply Chain and Mobility

Powering smart orchestrated logistics and navigation of the care ecosystem with autonomous solutions and supply delivery to remote populations

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Opportunities in Digital Health

Remote patient monitoring

Ideal solutions will allow monitoring and acting upon (almost) real-time data to prevent readmissions, medication compliance, post-op care plans, etc. through hardware, software, and reimbursement models.

Completing the digital experience at home and beyond

Platforms, systems and technology that enable delivery of remote physical exams, labs, and medications

Providing advanced warnings and detections for health events

Monitor conditions, detect health events, alert patients and report data to healthcare providers for intervention and treatment, including wearables, computer vision, etc.


Methods that aid individuals and families with promoting and maintaining health, preventing disease, and coping with illness or disability without the assistance of a healthcare provider

Health and well-being in the metaverse

Seeking tools, technology, and services for providing health and wellness services through augmented and virtual reality.


Opportunities in Customer Experience

At-home labs

Improve access for patient groups who require lab testing/phlebotomy services outside of traditional brick-and-mortar facilities with easy-to-use, self-administered lab tests.

Making care easy at every step

Inventive ideas that remove barriers to care (like access, affordability, and adherence), such as identity management, mobile services, wayfinding, etc.

Immersive environments

Environmental designs that provide an exceptional customer experience enhance and patient outcomes

Building empathic connections in digital and physical worlds

Solutions that improve human connection, emotional intelligence, communication, and support the dignity and resilience of patients


Opportunities in Data, Analytics + Security

Understanding and leveraging real world data (RWD) for clinical impact

Leverage Wellstar’s petabytes of data to drive big data innovation for clinical solutions

Data security using web3 technologies

Enhance date privacy and security, especially personal health information using decentralized or token systems like blockchain.

Data personalization and management

Technologies that use audience and data analytics to deliver the right solutions to the individual consumer at the right moment, while respecting privacy and consumer management.

New economic model solutions

Solutions should build upon new models like value-based care that save on costs to enterprise, patient and payer while improving patient outcomes and experiences.


Opportunities in Future of Work

Remote nursing

Support telemedicine delivery, including video conferencing, monitoring patient progress, providing patient education and proper follow-up.

Location-agnostic care delivery setting creation

Environments, supporting technology and assets needed for delivering care outside the four walls of a healthcare building

Building belonging in a remote world

Solutions that improve human connection, teamwork, integration, communication, and continuity of care across platforms.


Opportunities in Sustainability

Farming and nutrition

Shift from existing food supply channels to significantly decrease waste, water usage, and food miles driven using on-site smart farms with integrated IoT technology that eliminate food deserts and reduce ecological cost.

Renewable energy

Solutions that support solar, wind, and battery energy for more sustainable, secure, and economically advantageous power supply

Smart buildings

Technology that enables buildings to respond to their environments to improve individuals’ and communities’ health and wellbeing


Opportunities in Supply Chain, Mobility + Logistics

Pharmacy delivery to remote populations

Transportation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to rural or remote locations that have barriers to access

Autonomous ground and air delivery

Drone, autonomous vehicles, and supporting transportation logistics for increased efficiency and reduced emissions while delivering pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Smart mobility and logistics

Use of AI and robotics to create efficient, secure, and disaster-resilient delivery systems of medical supplies

Care orchestration solutions

Strategies and tools that connect people, data, workflows, and systems to improve outcomes and care coordination