Use your voice to help shape a better future for healthcare.

Welcome to Catalyst VoiceSM, a new digital community designed to give you a platform for sharing your voice on creating a better future for healthcare. Here, we’re connecting people from across industries and across the world – consumers, patients, entrepreneurs, Wellstar Team Members – to help guide us and ultimately shape the innovations that lead to what’s next in peoplecare.

Opportunities for Innovation

To shape the future of healthcare, Catalyst Voice is creating vibrant conversations and breakthrough solutions focused around these specific areas of innovation.

Digital Health

As care is no longer centered around location, we’re designing solutions that enhance digital experiences to bridge the gap to brick and mortar.

Customer Experience

Responding to ever-changing consumer expectations, we are designing solutions that empower consumers to take charge of their care journey.

Data, Analytics + Security

Designing proactive, secure, data-driven solutions to increase the quality of care and drive down the cost of care.


Designing “Planet First” healthcare models so that we can deliver on our mission for generations to come.

Supply Chain, Logistics + Mobility

Designing solutions to revolutionize the way supplies and people move around to deliver faster, better care.

Future of Work

Designing modern solutions for different work environments that are equitable for all people.

Let your voice be heard.

As a member of the Catalyst Voice community, you’ll be connected and involved in multiple ways, including access to:

Exclusive Curated Content through our members-only message board that will feature real-time discussions on healthcare news and trends.
Online Surveys to capture your feedback and opinions on healthcare topics and solutions.
Focus Groups both online and in-person to help facilitate deeper discussions.
Ideation Sessions that bring our community together to brainstorm on new solutions and opportunities.

Join Catalyst Voice today.

Together, we can create a better, smarter and more equitable future for healthcare.