Voices of Innovation: Dr. Hank Capps and Jaimie Clark Contribute to HIMSS Book Series

Air horns blaring. Pots and pans banging. Applause and tears filling the night sky. It is Spring 2020, COVID is on the rise, and downtown Atlanta—like so many other city centers—is expressing its gratitude to healthcare workers as they change shifts. The chapter “Elevating the Power of Sound” in the new HIMSS book Voices of Innovation transports audiences to this once-in-a-generation global healthcare challenge and the innovations supporting the heroic cast acting on the frontlines.

One of Catalyst by Wellstar’s first projects was the installation of Spatial Inc. technology at Wellstar Wellness Rooms. Completed during the COVID-19 pandemic, these rooms provided team members with much-needed time to decompress from their shifts.

This story is now available in a new chapter co-authored by Dr. Hank Capps, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Wellstar Health System, Founder and President at Catalyst by Wellstar; and Jaimie Clark, Head of Innovation at Catalyst by Wellstar, Director of Innovation and Venture Strategy at Wellstar Health System.

In the chapter, Dr. Capps and Jaimie share the story of this partnership between Team Member Wellness, Catalyst by Wellstar and the Wellstar Foundation. The results? Nearly 5,000 team members used the rooms, with over 95% feeling a positive mental impact of these rooms during those difficult days.

Team members can listen to soundscapes prepared by HealthTunes, a nonprofit digital streaming platform offering scientific-based MusicMedicine, and played on multiple speakers from Spatial, an award-winning immersive sound company known for their unique experiences in retail, hotels, museums, and offices. In our Wellness Rooms, these soundscapes feature low-frequency pulses that relax the nervous system and produce a calming effect.

To read the full chapter, click here to buy the book edited by Edward W. Marx, CEO of Marx & Marx and former CIO of the Cleveland Clinic.

Fernando Mattos
by Fernando Mattos