Catalyst by Wellstar Hosts Think Tank Centered Around Sustainability

This month, the Catalyst by Wellstar team hosted a Think Tank session titled “Sustainability: PlanetCare is PeopleCare” where Industry Discovery and Research Manager, Stefanie Diaz, led a fireside chat with Bill Nussey, Partner at Engage and Tech Square Ventures about the future of sustainability and what that could look like for Wellstar Health System and healthcare systems worldwide.

In addition to Bill Nussey’s roles as Partner at Engage and Tech Square Ventures, he’s also the Chairman and Co-founder of Solar Inventions, a company working to commercialize breakthrough technologies that make solar safer, longer lasting, and more efficient. He’s also the host of The Freeing Energy Project podcast, which started as a TED Talk, grew to hundreds of articles, and became a number-one ranked renewable energy podcast, and became a top-selling book last year. He’s a career CEO with thirty years of experience running VC-backed tech companies and has seen companies through multiple exits, including IPO. And most recently, he has launched several ventures aimed at accelerating the world’s shift to clean energy.

“This is not just a story about a better future, but it’s a story about better profits. By embracing environmental and clean energy technology, hospitals can save money and become more resilient in the long run,” said Bill Nussey.

During the Think Tank, Bill and Stefanie discussed how healthcare systems can implement more sustainable practices right now using solar panels, electric vehicles, minimizing single-use plastics, and establishing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) set standards. The discussions were followed by an interactive exercise centered on the intersection of technology and sustainability at Wellstar. Attendees split into groups and brainstormed what Wellstar’s future ESG statement could look like. This Think Tank is part of a series aimed at promoting dialogue with industry and Wellstar thought leaders around six focus areas of Catalyst by Wellstar. The next Think Tank session will focus on the “future of work”.

Patric Rayburn
by Patric Rayburn