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Strategic partnerships fuel our innovation. That’s why we’re looking for leaders across industries – companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes – to join us in designing the future of care.

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We make investments in Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A startups that have broad application across the healthcare industry. We also partner with established corporations and VC funds to build better healthcare.

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Caring for our environment directly impacts the communities we serve and the next generations. In 2023, Goodr, Wellstar and Catalyst successfully diverted 15,837 pounds of waste from landfills and prevented 8,599 pounds of carbon emissions.

Future of Work
RIF Robotics

RIF Robotics uses artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and robotics to automate the assembly and sterilization of hospital surgical instruments.

Digital Health

Leveraging the Healing Power of Sound to Reduce Stress and Anxiety for Frontline Healthcare Workers; Spatial’s immersive audio platform combined with MusicMedicine is redefining the use of sound as a restorative and therapeutic tool for healthcare, workplaces, home, and more

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