Transforming Healthcare Access for Gen Z Women

Catalyst by Wellstar is proud to announce its investment in Betty’s Co. This startup provides in-person and virtual services in gynecology, behavioral health, and wellness with a multi-faceted approach to healthcare for Gen Z women.

Diagnosed as infertile at the age of 17, founder and CEO Jennifer Newell experienced first-hand the unique healthcare needs of younger women and noticed that there is an opportunity to better meet their needs. Jennifer shared her powerful story and perspective with Wellstar leadership at a Catalyst Think Tank and was a finalist in the 2023 Seed-stage Startup Showcase Live at Venture Atlanta. Today’s investment marks the next step in Catalyst’s journey to support expanding health access to Gen Z women.

Women’s health will also lead the conversation at this year’s South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) featuring Newell. Hosting two panels to discuss the future of women’s health, Catalyst by Wellstar is committed to fostering connections that drive access and clinical growth. Newell will be joined onstage by Kaitlin Christine, founder and CEO of Gabbi, a startup on a mission to eradicate late-stage breast cancer, and Ann Holder, co-founder and CEO of Marani Health, an AI-powered maternal healthcare platform and direct investment Catalyst announced in 2023.

Saturday March 9th at the FINN | Humble House

9:45 AM CT: The Pioneers of Innovation in Women’s Health

Moderator: Shuchi Rana, ServiceNow Ventures
Kaitlin Christine- Founder & CEO, Gabbi
Jennifer Newell- Founder & CEO, Betty’s Co
Ann Holder – Co-Founder & CEO, Marani Health

Sunday March 10th at the Thompson Hotel- Red River Ballroom

10:00 AM CT: Trailblazing Healthcare’s Future Through Female Founders

Moderator: Jaimie Clark, Head of Innovation & Co-Founder at Catalyst by Wellstar, and the Director of Innovation and Venture Strategy for Wellstar Health System.
Kaitlin Christine- Founder & CEO, Gabbi
Jennifer Newell- Founder & CEO, Betty’s Co
Ann Holder – Co-Founder & CEO, Marani Health

Historically under-represented, the female workforce is making waves in tech and Catalyst by Wellstar is at the forefront of that revolution.[1] According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women are responsible for 80% of the healthcare decisions in the United States. The role they play in the health and well-being of others can’t be overstated, making women’s insights, perspectives, and leadership critical in our efforts to shape the future of healthcare. Female-led private tech companies are paving the way, achieving 35% higher ROI than startups run by men.[2] Couple that with groundbreaking innovations by women and changing how tech operates will be the legacy of a generation.

Betty’s Co. is taking a decisive stance to focus on younger women, which currently consists of Gen Z. Born between 1997 and 2012, this generation currently accounts for nearly a quarter of the U.S. population. Betty’s Co. combines high-quality care with an attractive, engaging lifestyle brand and retail experience. They are present at locations where Gen Z can easily access them through their mobile clinic and plan to expand to brick-and-mortar facilities in visible, walkable retail areas.

“Our services are accessible both in-person and virtually, ensuring that Betty’s Co. is there whether you’re at a mall, on a college campus, or in the heart of a bustling city. We’re creating spaces where every Gen Z woman feels comfortable getting the care they need,” Newell said.

“Wellstar is committed to meeting the diverse needs of our patients and communities.  Investing in and promoting dialogue around women’s health solutions is an expression of this commitment,” said John D Cooper, head of venture investment at Catalyst and VP of venture investment at Wellstar Health System.

Jaimie Clark, head of innovation at Catalyst by Wellstar and the director of innovation and venture strategy for Wellstar Health System, will moderate one of the panels. The panel will be an open conversation on how to best meet women’s needs today and in the future.

“This investment reflects Catalyst’s commitment to caring for the women in our communities and beyond, providing them with more tools to access healthcare sooner and boosting the next generation of companies in this space,” Clark said.

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Patric Rayburn
by Patric Rayburn