The Expert Voice – Matt Golden, co-founder & CEO of MapHabit

Learn more about how MapHabit works, and let us know your thoughts on this pilot.

Teresa Gonzalez
by Teresa Gonzalez


4 responses to “The Expert Voice – Matt Golden, co-founder & CEO of MapHabit”

  1. Lori James says:

    It was great meeting you at the ALTER Summit. I love the program. As a previous special educator, I always said that some of the same skills learned to take care of students with disability are the same skills needed to take care of someone with dementia. Task analysis, as you have developed it into MapHabit, brilliantly shows how this can be utilized by those across age groups and disability types. It can help caregivers dramatically, as well as those in their care.

  2. Ramona Payton says:

    How do enroll my loved one in this pilot?

  3. Howard LaGarde says:

    Very interested.

    Thank you. Will search to know more. hl

  4. Sue Rainey says:


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