Why MapHabit?

Are you someone’s caregiver? What types of technology would assist you?

Quote from Matt, co-founder and CEO of MapHabit: "The caregiver is dealing with so much that, unfortunately, 1/3 of the caregivers that support someone with dementia end up having severe health issues or sometimes pass away before their loved one."

Teresa Gonzalez
by Teresa Gonzalez


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  1. Kathy Slough says:

    Hello Matt,

    Thanks for all you are doing for thise with dementia and their caregivers. My Mom had Althzheimers for 15 years in an assisted living facility in Ohio so I was a long distance caregiver and flew up every few months to help my sister out and be with our Mom. She made it to 95 years young so if I can assist with this program in any way please let me know. I am retired and a longtime Wellstar patient and am a sustaining Wellstar donor as well. Thanks for all you do.


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